Powerful, Economical, Navigable, and Eco-Friendly – DAIHATSU DIESEL’s Engine’s Will Meet Expectations At DAIHATSU DIESEL we strive to constantly improve basic performance whilst constructively and logically pushing the bounds of new technological development. You can turn to us for most everything: power, economy, navigability, and so on. Our geared diesel engines are highly respected and praised for being forward-looking and always one step ahead.”

For centuries marine transportation has been the mainstay of global logistics and materials movement. These days, with thousands of large merchant ships, tankers, freighters, and such like supporting the global economy, attention has turned to safer, eco-friendly marine navigation.

History has seen the proliferation of the diesel engine in ocean-going vessels, and growing in tandem with that has been DAIHATSU DIESEL, engineering and implementing high-performance engines, building up years of actual achievements and integrating all factors that customers’ have looked for: reliability, durability, environmental consideration, NOx reduction, low noise and low vibration, and so forth. Today’s DAIHATSU DIESEL engine is not simply our newest model; it is the culmination of over 100 years’ experience, testing and customer feedback.