Sales, Service & Spare Part Supply for Marine Industry

We are official representative of Daihatsu Diesel Engine (Japan); responsible of sales of new engine and generators , authorised service center  and responsible of supply of spare parts in our region. We also provide Drydock /Special Survey Services and Fleet/Technical Management for operating vessels.

Power Generation Investment

We became a unique company in Turkey and sub-Saharan Africa with the capabilities to implement Heavy Fuel Oil, Natural Gas and Land Fill Biogas Power Plants as investor-operator of various forms of energy on a Build-Operate-Transfer scheme as an IPP with no upfront costs to utilities. As such, we have successfully undertaken the construction and refurbishment of power plants totaling +150 MWs by using our own resources .

Our aim is to develop hybrid (Thermal + Solar/Hydro) fast track projects and to provide affordable energy solution
even in remote areas while using our own and ready financial / technical capabilities .

Power Plant Relocation

Vesmec provides turnkey solutions for relocation of the existing plants including major overhaul and commissioning guarantee.We are handling decommissioning and recommissioning services for used reciprocating engine and gas turbine based power plants in order to install , commission and long term operation at a new and profitable location.

Sales of Engine and Spare Part

We are suppling new / refurbished HFO reciprocating engine/generators and gas turbines for marine and energy industry  . We also provide commissioning guarantee for refurbished engines when major overhaul is done by our technical team . Please check our inventory section for new/ refurbished engines and our spare part stock on our warehouse.

Power Plant Operation & Maintenance

Vesmec has became one of the most experienced company regarding powerplant management and planned maintenance.Vesmec has a long-term agreement with several powerplants which are equipped with Heavy Fuel Oil,  Dual Fuel and Gas engines.
Our technical teams have the technical ability and expertise to operate and maintain power plants efficiently.  

Landfill Biogas Applications

Within renewable energy studies, Vesmec is active on producing electricity from landfill biogas in many regions and started the installation of power plant solid waste facility in 2017.

Vesmec makes a difference among its competitors about waste area design, professional management of wastes, extracting maximum gas and electricity production. Having a considerable experience, Vesmec provides maximum income opportunity for both nature and related municipalities.