Rehabilitation of Mahahanga Power Plant

Mahahanga Power Plant was non-operational since 2014 because of catastrophic cracks occured on engine block originated from huge vibration on engine foundations 

A special foundation is designed by a European Team to reduce vibration on the engine and foundation vibration damper is completely renewed with the special designed damper

- Reciprocating Engine major repairs
- All critical capital parts replacement
- Plant auxiliary systems reconditioning
- Diesel/HFO Fuel , Lube oil system performance analysis and capacity increase 

Rehabilitation of Antsirabe Power Plant

Antsirabe Power Plant was a non-operational  Power Plant  since 2009 with ability to work on HFO and on a full-load  while Vesmec have taken the operational rights.
Plant has been repowered and COD commenced in less than four months period under the PPA with ROT scheme.

All necessary remedial actions are taken by using our own financial and technical capabilities to increase power capacity of 1 MW and change fuel availability from LFO to HFO . Initial design capacity was achieved which means %400 capacity increase and ability to work on HFO in  less than a  4-month period.Vesmec established full capacity workshop at the plant. 
After all remedial implementations, the plant is under our Operation and Maintenance as per Power Purchase Agreement for contract term .

- Reciprocating Engine major repairs
- All critical capital parts replacement 
- All engine instrumentation, control and protection systems replaced
- Plant auxiliary systems; Diesel/HFO Fuel systems, main and emergency lube oil systems, cooling tower systems, compressed air systems, Medium/low voltage electrical systems, breaker-disconnectors and protection relays systems, major inspections, all critical capital parts replacement.

Rehabilitation of Tamatave Power Plant

Initial Status of Tamatave Power Plant was non-operational since 2013 and  catastrophically damaged on crankshaft.

All technical actions for main engine and auxiliary machinery, maintenance work and recondition service provided completely by Vesmec field service experienced team .